Grading Policy

Classroom Participation (40% of Grade)

Outstanding (20 Points): Actively participates at all times; on time; not chewing gum; has music folder, pencil, and drill coordinates; uses good playing posture; polices area; returns their instrument to its case. 
Satisfactory (17 Points): Occasionally not playing an instrument; chewing gum; no music, pencil; poor posture, talking; tardy to class. 
Unsatisfactory (14 Points): Frequently not playing an instrument; excessive talking or classroom disturbance, failing to return their instrument to its case at the end of the rehearsal; asked to leave class for a breach of conduct.  

Performances (45% of Grade)  

Students are expected to participate in ALL performances.  Performing IS what we do.  Failure to do so will result in a failing grade in the performance section of the overall course grade.  Excused absences include personal sickness or death in the immediate family. Excuses must be in written form prior to the absence and will be verified.

Playing Tests (10% of Grade)

Students will often receive homework assignments that reinforce concepts we are working on in class.  These are expected to be completed thoroughly and turned-in in a timely manner.  Failure to do so will result in lost points for the assignment. Like all other courses you take, we will also have “quizzes” which will be playing tests.  As in any other course, students will be expected to have all music prepared prior to the given quiz date and I will select various sections of pieces for students to perform.  Lack of preparedness will cause students NOT to receive full credit for playing exams.

Forms and Paperwork (5% of Grade) 

Students will occasionally receive digital forms to fill out. These are worth 5% of the student's grade.